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The Confident Comeback Club is an international community of brave women seeking to crush and conquer any obstacle that life has thrown their way. Why? So they can make the most extraordinary CONFIDENT COMEBACK!


No matter the challenge or trauma, it’s easy to think you’re in it by yourself. Whether you’ve made the brave decision to say enough is enough or you’re already on the other side of a Comeback and are now extending a hand to help others -- you’re not alone!

READY TO STAGE A COMEBACK? Do you feel it in your bones? The time has come for you to make your move but you're not sure where to start. You just know that the time has come to put away the old version of you. Do you need some clarity and direction on how to step into the brand new version of you? Then the FREE Stage a Comeback Masterclass is your first step into the greatness.

The Confident Comeback Clubhouse is just that! A safe all inclusive place to

gather, share and

just be yourself!

Dawn Lieck

CEO & Visionary Leader

Best-Selling Author

My heart was so full as the day played out. We all experienced such  transparency from the speakers and attendees of each session. 

Tonia M. Blackwood

Founder & CEO

Confident Comeback Club 

Then I Rise Enterprises LLC

The Confident Comeback Club is designed to help so many people from all over globe to know that you are never counted out no matter what. This club embodies a powerful message that stands out. Be confident, stand strong, and trust God for your greatest comeback because He have our backs!

Dr. Nichole Peters

CEO & Visionary Leader

Best-Selling Author

Thank you so much

for your leadership,

sacrifice, and bringing

us all together.

Today was amazing!  

Baneshia Wyatt

CEO & Christian Life Coach

Podcast Co-Host


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